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Another reason why Facebook is changing marketing in profound ways

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Most marketers are used to understanding their customers via powerpoint presentations and reams of data that analyze brand preferences and purchasing patterns not to mention actual after the fact sales data. If lucky, the marketers conduct frequent focus groups to hear what their customers have to say about their desires and preferences.

With Facebook, one of the simplest but most powerful actions is the ability to watch customers respond to a simple question. A simple question for a large brand on its Facebook page can solicit thousands of responses in a matter of hours if not minutes. That's real-time marketing and while not necessarily scientific always, it is giving marketers a certain kind of pulse on their customers that they never had. It is making marketing a little less about TV advertisements and reams of trend data and a little more human in a very real, personal way. 

That's transformative one comment and one like at a time.

The SXSW Pepsi Refresh Project Panel. Under the hood

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SXSW Interactive was busy for me with two speaking engagements that week (Social Business Summit and Federated Media Signals) and two great panels to do. One with Bob Garfield and the folks from JWT to a packed ballroom and the other very popular and about the Pepsi Refresh Project. Here's the video of the latter. Enjoy.

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