Leaving Razorfish and joining PepsiCo

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As you may have heard, I've decided to leave Razorfish and join PepsiCo.  You can find some coverage of my move over at AdweekAd Age, MediaPost, Web Strategy and Clickz

Razorfish is a very difficult company to leave because of the amazing people, impressive client roster and stellar leadership. It is not an exaggeration to say that I've professionally grown up with many of the people here. And with the "experiences that build businesses" mantra and as a part of Publicis now, even more great work is going to come out of the agency. 

But the growth opportunity at PepsiCo was too exciting to pass up. Working for one of the most iconic companies in the world as it transforms how it engages with consumers across all platforms and channels is going be a deep learning experience. I'm also looking forward to joining the teams of talented marketers over there including Frank Cooper who was recently recognized as one of the 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company. PepsiCo is definitely an organization on the march with its Pepsi Refresh Project, its crowd-sourcing successes like Mountain Dew Dewmocracy (they crowd-sourced not just the packaging but the actual flavors too) and recent partnerships with FourSquare and Stickybits. 

As far as this blog is concerned, I will still be blogging actively albeit now from the client side. This will give me a broader view of digital marketing and I'll share as much of my learnings over here as I can. So keep visiting, re-tweeting and commenting please! Andrea Harrison is taking over my role at Razorfish. Please congratulate her on Twitter (@190east).

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