Placing my bets on StickyBits. It will be big!

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stickybits1a.jpgI'm going to go out on a limb here and place a big bet. I think StickyBits is going to be extremely successful. What happened to Twitter a few years ago at SXSW was supposed to happen to StickyBits this year but I'm not sure if it did. Regardless, I'm impressed with the product and find it to be extremely clever. It is a fabulous idea that links the physical world with the digital one via social media. Something that will be happening more and more in the future

Here's how it works. You use a special iPhone/Android app to scan the barcode on any physical product and it immediately brings up all the content that other people have tagged that physical product with. You can also tag the product with your own social media which others would see in turn. Alternatively, you can place your own StickyBits on specific products too.

Just imagine the potential. I walk into a bookstore and I'm thinking of purchasing a book. Using my StickyBits application I scan the barcode and see all the other reviews. Or I pick up a new soda drink introduced by Pepsi. I wonder what other people think of it so I scan the barcode with the iphone app again and read/view what other people are saying about the drink. What's more it doesn't even have to be reviews, it can be augmented digital art overlaid onto physical products. It can be anything. 

What's more you can place your own StickyBits barcodes onto products (or bathroom stalls for that matter taking graffiti digital!) for others to scan and view your digital content. You could even attach a digital resume to your business card in this manner by adding a StickyBit to your card.

It is early days for this product which has just launched but I can imagine it doing very well especially in tight communities (think college campuses) where people may use it to share their opinions about places, products and services. If this thing takes off, it could even out Yelp with Yelp like experiences. I'm betting on this one. What do you think?

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