How to Bring Social Influence Marketing to Life

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Social influence marketing (SIM) campaigns achieve success in the long term. Here are some tips that will help your SIM campaign flourish during its lifespan:

  • Participate where your customers want to participate and be active in the customer communities you create. Remember that your customers are your equals.

  • Architect your SIM efforts so that customers are motivated and encouraged to form tribes, bringing others into the fold and engaging with one another.

  • When planning outreach programs, recognize that the "A" list influencers may not be as helpful as the long tail of the other influencers. These other influencers are more likely to listen to your point of view and act on your behalf.

  • Design your programs so that they are extremely easy for your customers and prospects to share with others on the social platforms of their choice. Also be there for the journey with them.

  • Carry your new brand advocates (the long tail of influencers) from one campaign to another. Focus on their life time value to you and provide strong commiserate value in return to them.

For lots more ideas on practicing social influence marketing from identifying the right influencers to building and launching campaigns and changing your own organization, read my book Social Media Marketing for Dummies.

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