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Engaging Readers in the Digital Age. Keynote

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I was invited to keynote the Digital Book World Conference this week. Held in New York this conference was for book publishers large and small who are navigating the digital space. 

I focused on social media and how social influence marketing is forcing these publishers is to rethink their value chain and their position as B2B companies. My hypothesis - they need to become B2C players as well.

Let me know what you think. The book publishing space is undergoing a sea changing (similar to the newspaper industry) and I feel my recommendations may help.

SIM Trends for 2010. Keynote Presentation

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Here's my keynote presentation from the SeesmicLook product launch. I was invited to give the keynote at this launch event which had Microsoft and Advertising Age as its launch partners.  The presentation got some coverage on Twitter and also on a few blogs including CenterNetworks (The Best Social Media Definition To-Date) and TechStartups (Shiv Singh Knocked It Out of the Park). Thank you for all the feedback both positive and negative (Apparently, I ended the presentation rather abruptly. Good to keep in mind for next time)

Get a free copy of Social Media Marketing for Dummies by donating to Red Cross

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haiti_relief_fund.jpgI've got a few extra copies of my book Social Media Marketing for Dummies. Rather than give them to clients or friends, I've decided to give them away to you - but there's one condition. You have to donate the exact amount that the book costs ($16.49) to the Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund

Send me your receipt and I'll send you a copy of the book. I can do this for the first five people to send me their receipts electronically. My email address is shivsingh at gmail.com. And if you've already donated, retweet this message and I'll enter you into a drawing for a free copy of the book. Photograph credit - The New York Times.

Donut Marketing

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I was obviously barking up the wrong tree with social influence marketing. The future of marketing is all about Donut Marketing! More seriously speaking, there is no question that when crafting a web strategy you need to look at every dynamic online holistically - what's happening on your own website, off of it, with your owned, earned and paid media initiatives all harmoniously. 

But what's often ignored is that you need to look at your audiences and customers holistically too - where are they, how many of them are viewing your ads, visiting your website, influencing each other and getting influenced and on what platforms. Strangely, that dimension is often left out of the equation. 

And I'd also argue that the age of the corporate website being the cornerstone "temple" of any digital strategy is passing. The website is simply not going to matter as much in the future unless of course the corporation evolves into a media company too - something that every company and every brand may need to. Don't ask me what this means for all the traditional publishers out there. Image courtesy Elliance Inc.

ClickZ Social Media All-Stars list

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social-media-all-star-team-1.jpgYesterday Erik Qualman of Socialnomics fame included me in a ClickZ list of Social Media All-Stars. I joined Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Solis, Mari Smith, Clay Shirky, Peter Shankman, David Meerman Scott, Jeremiah Owyang, Lee Odden and Dave Morin on the American League team. Thank you for including me in this great list. I'm also glad to be on the American League team considering that I'm a Red Sox fan. The National League would have been strange! Now of course there's no perfect list and there are other folks who could have just as easily made the list as me, but what I like about the people included is that they're all giving a lot back to the community and are furthering the discourse.

Hiroshige Print - Capturing social media

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I love this print by Utagawa Hiroshige updated for our times and our social media context. Not surprisingly,of all those comments and tweets I can't help but wonder which have a higher influence score than others. Also, what about the wave that came before this one and the one that will follow next. And metaphorically speaking, does the boat represent a brand in today's world? Okay, maybe I'm over analyzing this one! Special thanks to Mickey Slater for pointing me to this.

Reviewers & Authors. An unsual relationship

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Authors learn the most from book reviews even though they may make them nervous.The best ones serve as guide posts for the next book (or the next edition) and bring into focus what's working in the book and what may not be. Since my book was published at the tail end of October several reviews have been published (and more continue to). With each one, I learn something new that helps. Thank you to all those who are writing the reviews - they're not only helpful to your readers as the determine whether the book is worth buying but also to me, the author.

Here's a recent review from Deirdre Breakenridge who's also the co-author of "Putting the Public back into PR." I like because she mixes praise with honest feedback of where her opinion differs. Extremely helpful for me and hopefully for her readers as well. In fact, based on her review I'm mulling writing a post about the role of PR in social media. There are lots of different views on the subject needless to say! Here's an except of the review:

There are many reasons why I like Social Media Marketing For Dummies: The book never strays from teaching readers the best approach to Social Media Marketing or Social Influence Marketing (which are used interchangeably by the author).

Social Media Marketing for Dummies provides a broad overview but also digs into details.  For example, one of my favorite parts of the book is Chapter 3, "Getting in the Social Influence Marketing Frame of Mind." This chapter breaks down the Social Media Marketing Funnel or the stages a consumer goes through during the purchasing process (Awareness, Consideration, Preference, Action and Loyalty) and how you can use social media marketing in each one of the stages to enhance the process.

Singh gives helpful hints or a "Tip" identified with a bulls eye icon and "Warning" messages, which are easily recognized with a bomb icon.  These icons appear in every chapter.  For example, with respect to establishing a social influence marketing voice (SIM Voice) in Chapter 5, he says as a Tip, "Sometimes the best way to discover whether you need a SIM voice is by scanning the conversations about your brand across the social web." And, he points out as a bomb icon Warning in the same chapter, "If you do offer discounts and special promotions, you must be prepared to redeem them."

Visit Deirdre's website to read the full book review. Also, check out her book "Putting the Public back in PR" It was a great read.

Behind The Numbers: Whose Brand Is It, Anyway?

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OMMA Magazine discusses Social Influence Marketing and my new book in its latest issue. Here's an extract. 

"Conversations about brands, products and services are increasingly woven into the interactions of social networks as a means to connect with others, and these conversations have great influence even though people aren't consciously asking about brand opinions," writes Singh.

"Furthermore, consumers do not always realize how much influencing they are doing, and how much they are being influenced, when they have conversations about brands across social platforms."

Social influence marketing is a subtle thing. It should be done with an especially light touch since it has become so influential. eMarketer found that for 18 to 34-year-olds, social media has become the second-most important marketing form, behind only recommendations from friends and family.

You can read the whole piece over at OMMA Magazine. Am I overselling Social Influence Marketing? I believe 2010 is going to be even bigger in the SIM world. Interestingly, 9 out of the 10 most successful ads in 2009 included consumer participation. One could argue its already larger than we could have imagined a few years ago.

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