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Four Speaking Engagements in September

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September is going to be an active month for me externally with four different speaking engagements. Here's the list.

  • On September 10th I'll be keynoting the Pluck Socialize 2009 Customer Conference in Austin, Texas. The theme of the conference is Moving at the Speed of Light.

  • Come September 17th and I'll be keynoting digiday:Social here in New York at the W. This conference brings together the worlds of marketers and social media to discuss how the world around us is changing with social technologies.

  • And lastly, on September 24th back in New York I'll be on a panel at the Social Data Summit. The event will be held at the Samsung Center in the Time Warner Center at 4:00pm as a part of Advertising Week.

I'm still thinking through my keynote presentations. I'm keen to focus on the future of social media by taking a hard look at how consequential an impact (or not) it is going to have on business. If you have any thoughts on this topic, please share them.

Misconceptions about Razorfish & Social

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I just watched Jaffe Juice which is produced by Joseph Jaffe of Crayon (a social media consultancy). Now Jaffe is smart and insightful but this time he seems a little misinformed. Watch the full episode and then read my comments.

In talking about Publicis's acquisition of Razorfish, Jaffe implies that we were originally bought by Microsoft to serve as their in house agency. We did not function as an in-house agency for Microsoft but ran independently. In fact, Microsoft was a client of ours even before we were acquired by them and after the acquisition Microsoft continued to use many other agencies. It is fair to say that when we were bought Microsoft was most interested in the ad serving platforms Atlas and DrivePM which were immediately folded into the parent company. Razorfish happened to be a part of the package.

But what really disappointed me was that Jaffe implied that Publicis was strengthening its digital capabilities but not its social media capabilities through its acquisition of us. There were many reasons why we were acquired but one of the key factors was our social influence marketing expertise. The Razorfish SIM work, which touches practically every client of ours, is considered best in breed and gets stronger everyday. A recent Forrester report - Aligning your Agencies For Social Marketing, had this to say about our skills,

Social marketing may one day become a fully ingrained part of the interactive marketer's tool kit, but until then top social marketing performers like Razorfish use teams of dedicated social marketing experts to conduct research, advance thought leadership, and distribute best practices throughout the agency and client organizations.

Jaffe - I enjoy your program but I'm not convinced you've gotten your facts completely right this time. For a sense of our thought leadership, just read some of the coverage that Fluent - The Social Influence Marketing Report has gotten and visit our corporate website to see some of the clients that we've done work for.

The Agency Side of Business

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conversationagent1.jpgA few weeks ago I was interviewed by Valeria Maltoni on the Agency Side of the Business over at Conversation Agent, a top 20 marketing blog. I discussed Razorfish, my own career path and how agencies are evolving.  Below are two extracts the first when asked how Razorfish is evolving with the rise of social media.

What's interesting is that on the advertising front, we're seeing that social media being the perfect complement to all the traditional forms of advertising. It doesn't replace advertising as we know it but extends it enabling companies to form much deeper, longer term emotionally driven and more balanced relationships with consumers.

And when asked how I felt agencies were going to evolve in the next three to five years, I said:

I think agencies are about to transform significantly. Firstly the separation between digital and traditional agencies is going to continue to blur. Separating those two worlds doesn't make sense anymore. Everything is digital even TV is going digital.

Secondly, agencies are going to realize that a big idea with multiple executions needs to be replaced by the notion of many small ideas that are created in response to consumer behavior and are adapted, changed or pulled as consumers interact with it. These small ideas when strung together create the brand story. To think along these lines requires a totally different mindset and organizational structure for many agencies.

I also believe that agencies are going to need to focus on business transformation. Helping businesses transform themselves through digital technologies to increase the value they provide consumers.

Read the full interview to learn about Razorfish's approach to social media, the evolution of interactive agencies and maybe a little more about me. Valerie asked some thought provoking questions.

Marketers use Social Networking - USA Today

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usatoday.jpgUSA Today just ran an interesting piece on social networking and how marketers are increasingly using it to reach and engage customers. I spoke to the reporter and was quoted in it as well. Here's how the article starts:

Ford Motor has high hopes for Fiesta, a popular model abroad launching in the U.S. next year. So how does it introduce the subcompact car to Americans? A massive ad blitz on TV? In-house promotions at dealers nationwide? Nope.

Some of our Razorfish clients like Levi and Intel were also mentioned. (We do a lot of digital work with Ford but weren't involved in the above program) Read the full article on the USA Today website.

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