Social Influence Marketing for Dummies

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dummies1.jpgIf you're wondering why my posts to Going Social Now have been a little infrequent of late here's the reason why. I'm writing a book for the Dummies series tentatively titled, "Social Influence Marketing for Dummies." It is available for pre-order on Amazon already. I'm in the last throes of writing it with barely two or three chapters left go now.

Writing a book is a pretty unique experience. Firstly it kills your social life if not your family life. Secondly, you learn to live with a permanent feeling of guilt as you're always a chapter or two behind what you promised your editor. And thirdly, as soon as you finish a chapter you feel you could have written it slightly better. But even then it is exhilarating and an exciting experience. It forces you to explain yourself and share your thinking explicitly and simply (especially with a Dummies book), it encourages you to research specific topics more deeply than you normally would have and really teaches you how to express yourself in more engaging and informative ways. All in all a totally worthwhile experience.

As I get closer to the launch of the book, I'll publish more about it. For now you can check out the description of it at Amazon and if you're so inclined maybe pre-order it too!

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Looking forward to read it.

Ashley Laing said:

Congrats mate! I'm headed over to Amazon right now.

Shiv Singh Author Profile Page said:

Thank you. I can't wait for the launch myself. Its been quite an adventure writing the book especially with a new born in the house!

"it kills your social life" - ironic when you are focusing on Social Marketing - Do we also need a Family Marketing book?

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