Wondering what authenticity means? Try this

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authenticity.jpgUndoubtedly, authenticity has become a much overused, over exposed word in marketing. We're all talking about authenticity too much. Is your company authentic? Do you have an authentic brand? Is the conversation that you're having with your customers authentic? Are you being authentic in how you approach social media? The list goes on. Its exhausting.

At the risk of getting more philosophical on the subject of authenticity, I thought I'd share the two images shown above. The left is an advertisement of a Wendy's Chicken Club while on the right is an actual one photographed right after it was bought. Now tell me is the advertising authentic? More examples can be found at Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality and special thanks to Andy Pimentel for pointing me towards this.

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daviddeal Author Profile Page said:

On the other hand, some inexpensive, fast-food restaurants are getting it right. Check out this example from the heartlands: http://tinyurl.com/cretdr

nathj07 said:

The thing is the ad pics are taken by professional photographers who care about their work and getting the best results for the client - the chain. The food is assembled, yes assembled, by young people who have no passion for their work and don't care about the client or their employer. The result? The difference you see in the pictures - ad vs realit

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