Blogging is not a youth phenomena. Brands take notice

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I'm tired of hearing that social media is just a youth phenomena. Maybe because Facebook had its roots in colleges, people continue to believe that social media is just for Generation Y. People forget that there's so much more to social media than Facebook (targeting older demographics) and that Facebook too is getting older everyday.

The Technorati State of the Blogosphere report is another proof point showing that the average of bloggers is certainly higher than many people may have thought. 25-34 year olds make up 36%, 35-44 year olds make up 27%, 45-54 year olds make up 15% and 18-24 year olds make up only 13% of bloggers on the internet. Interestingly, more than half have a household income of greater than $75,000 and 59% have been blogging for two years or more. So the next time your CEO tells you that blogging is for children, show him or her these statistics. 

Brands are also taking blogs a lot more seriously. They believe that within the next five years, 51% of internet users will get their news and entertainment information from blogs over traditional news sources. That's a fascinating numbers and highlights how much attention brands need to give to the blogosphere. What's interesting too, is that traditional media has been responding to this trend by becoming more blog like in many ways. 

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Wishful thinking

Look at Edelman trust survey - blogs are the least trusted source of data - a few may rise to the top in vertical segments

With near zero entry barriers and no QA - blogs are rife with misinformation - look at the political campaign
- Obama terrorist, Muslim, ... yada yada

Quality will eventually rule - good brands need to make sure they do not succumb to pandering and lose their brands in this time I call - the blog bubble

btw - Blog bubble is my term I coined it here and now - I hope ! _ frank

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