Avenue A | Razorfish to develop new Social Media Offering

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Today we made an exciting announcement to develop new social media advertising offerings in partnership with Pluck. The offering, code-named AdLife, will inject social media features like customer comments and user-generated content into digital advertisements such as banner ads or microsites - in effect, turning mainstream ads into social media opportunities distributed across the digital world.

What's so special about this? It brings together two major trends on the web - firstly consumers are more influenced by their peers than by any traditional forms of advertising. Secondly, nothing can beat the potential distribution and placement of a message via a display advertisement on the web. Putting social media elements into the ad
 units makes them more interactive, personal, accessible, relevant and engaging to users. It's a natural extension of everything that has been done on the display advertising space on the web before.

At Avenue A | Razorfish, we're one of the largest buyers of online media in the world and we're partnering with Pluck, a social media technology vendor serves 2.5 billion impressions a month to bring this to life. For more information read the press release or read David Deal's blog. I'll also be discussing the announcement during my ad:tech talk this afternoon.

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Hey Shiv

This sounds like a pretty good idea. A bit confusing though.

I actually posed some questions here regarding its capabilities. Care to answer?



Jonathan Trenn

Shiv Singh Author Profile Page said:

Jonathan, I enjoyed talking to you over the phone. I hope I was able to answer all your questions.

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