Apple influences the influencers with bundles

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Over at Customer Experience Matters, Bruce Temkin of Forrester Research discusses a recent Apple store experience. His daughter needed to buy a laptop and the family trooped out to the local Apple store to find the right one. 
But guess what happened along the way? Bruce ended up with an iPod Touch himself as it was bundled with the laptop for free. Now he always wanted an iPod Touch. The fact that he wanted one (plus the Massachusetts' tax free day) sealed the laptop deal for him. Reflecting on this experience, he called it "influencer bundling." The core product (for the daughter) was bundled with something targeted specifically at the social influencer or in this case the actual decision maker (Bruce).

Now arguably, the iPod Touch isn't a specific influencer item as everybody would be interested in one and not just the parents of a student looking to buy a laptop. But it does demonstrate the power of social influence. For example, a Quicken software package could be bundled in with the laptop targeting the father of the student as the post suggested. 

That's exactly how social influence marketing takes place - by not just marketing to the purchaser but also to the influencers as well leveraging social tools on domain and on the social media platforms. Beautiful. I expect to see a lot more of this online in the next year as we learn more about influence.

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dominic said:

This is excellent and provides new options for "social advertising"

Marketing to communities and advertising to communities really means understanding the needs of all the player in the "influence chain".

What Apple could do is
- advertise on student blogs & social network groups on: " help your mum ad dad buy you a MacBook"
- advertise on college parent blogs: "one free iPod touch when you buy your teen a Mac"


It brings some interesting options for hypertargeted advertising.

Thanks for the post

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