Does MySpace have the most valuable audience?

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Who'd have thought that MySpace's audience might be more lucrative than those of some of the other networks? A recent Ad Age story quoted a MySpace executive who said that the network has more of international rich adults as an audience than any other social network. According to the executive, 85% of MySpace's audience is over 18, 40% of all Moms are onMySpace and more people making $100,000 or more are on the network.
An obvious reason for MySpace's more recent successes are its newly designed home page (with some wonderful advertising opportunities) and the "portalization" approach that Ad Age highlighted. With new areas around music, video, games and celebrity, MySpace has found a way to aggregate user interactions on the network itself. No more does the network simply appear as thousands of ghetto communities with people only interacting with their friends. Now they have reasons to all spend time on portal type pages together. Smart strategy, and if I were Yahoo or MSN I'd be getting even more nervous than usual.

The Ad Age article also talked about Cartier's global deal with MySpace. (Who'd have thought those to brands would ever appear in the same sentence!). Cartier discovered that the MySpace audience was more valuable than most people realized and setup a MySpace profile with songs from 12 artists including Lou Reed and Marion Cotillard. Users can listen to the songs for free on MySpace or download them via the Cartier micro-site. Clever strategy as Cartier realized that music is still very much at the center of the MySpace experience. The profile logged 100,000 page views in its first few days.

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Rob Gonda said:

Who would have thought? I assumed that Facebook has a larger audience than MySpace (, and even though MySpace has double the traffic in the US, it's mostly portal based, not social influence, for which you can't even qualify the demographics.

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