What's an automaker's social media mindshare?

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A friend of mine, Ashley Laing has started a new blog covering social media. In one of his first posts, he compared the "social media mindshare" of the major automakers to their market share using social bookmarking tools like Digg and Redditautomaker-mindshare-2008a.jpg

The analysis gets interesting when Ashley breaks down the social media mindshare into three categories bookmarking, commenting and rating. The results conflict with a recent report from Forrester on how successful the automakers are in social networking marketing.

Now social media mindshare is definitely not a measure of success but using the premise that any press is good press, the analysis tells you something. I can see a lot more firms tracking activity like this in the future. Many have already begun to do so using tools from the likes of Visible Technologies, Cymfony and Buzzlogic but more are about to enter this space. Some can just start by doing the basic analysis themselves akin to taking Google Alerts of their competitors to the next level.

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Mike Spataro Author Profile Page said:


Thanks for the heads up on Ashley's interesting analysis. As a client of a major automaker, we have seen similar trends. Thanks for the mention too.


Interesting charts - but what do they mean? Is there some correlation to market share, marketing spend or sales?

Thanks - TO'B

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