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officedepot.jpgThere's one obvious area where Office Depot is definitely ahead of Staples and that's in recognizing the power of social influence. Take a look at the Office Depot Planner product page above. Notice the little Facebook, Digg and icons? Yes, I can easily share an image of the product I'm thinking of buying on my social network or add it to my bookmark list. On clicking on the Facebook icon, a window opens asking me whether I want to post the image of the Planner to my profile or send it to a friend. See below for how this looks.

Office Depot recognizes that I'd probably need to solicit the advice of a few others when making a purchasing decision. The website makes it easier for me to harness those influences. What Office Depot does is the bare minimum, but its a start. Expect Staples and other retailers to start doing this soon too. In the case of Office Depot, I wish it let me share the product information with my LinkedIn network - they're the people who I sometimes get advice from when making office purchases.

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This is good, but I wouldn't write off Staples completely. They're doing great things with their in-store price tags.

They include pros and cons from online reviews and place them right on the price tag in the store. I love that they included consumer cons. It made the entire execution believable.

Here's a picture:

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