A Sampling from Graphing Social Patterns

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25953285fv9.gif If you missed the Graphing Social Patterns Conference here are some links that you'll find interesting reading.

ReadWriteWeb - They give a good overview of what happened each day and discuss some of the major product announcements too. Amit Kapur of MySpace admitted that social networks are hard to monetize.

Dan Farber at News.com - He discusses Charlene Li's keynote speech. She said that by 2013 social networks will become open and ubiquitous. Ironically, at the DMA Leader's Forum I said that would happen by 2010. I suppose I'm more of an optimist.

Jeremiah at Web Strategy - He covered some of the sessions in quite a bit of detail. Especially interesting was his coverage of the MySpace developer platform presentation.

MyBloglog Folks - They attended and talked about their new APIs at the conference. The MyBloglog blog includes video clips of their announcements. Fun to listen and feel for their world.

Andrew Chen  - He has an interesting overview of the conference and specifically of the Facebook viral marketing panel that he sat on with Dave McLure and Justin Smith. Don't miss his Facebook viral marketing post too.

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