Social Media Fatigue. Too much out there?

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shuttleworth-map.jpgSo one of the key buzzwords for 2008 is turning out to be social media fatigue. We have too many profiles, too many networks and too many places to publish our media. We're not sure where we need to be anymore and anxiety is setting in. 

Shuttleworth decided to map his social activities - where he was publishing and what networks he was participating on. The result of his efforts is a diagram that depicts how complex the social media world is getting. Be warned, looking at this diagram can make you feel tired. Your social media life doesn't have to be as complex as this one.

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Wow - and I thought I had problems:

But seriously, I am beginning to think this "fatigue" problem is overblown. Everyone has limited time to spend online. Restricting the number of systems, vendors, companies, and web sites we interact with is a natural response.

Plus, there's a downside to the standardization of data definitions and data transfer standards. Such standardization might reduce personal time in filling out a new profile form, and it might make it simpler for one company to establish a "trusted relationship" with a new member or customer.

But it will also make it easier for Company A to share my data with Company B without my knowing it. Which is why I am much less concerned about so-called "social network fatigue" than I am about personal data ownership and privacy.

Dennis McDonald
Alexandria, Virginia

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