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The end of each year brings the top ten lists and don't we love them. They're simple to read and makes us feel that if we missed what's important in the year, reading the top ten lists will be enough to catch up. Time Magazine launched its Top Ten Lists this week and needless to say, the Top Ten Websites were most interesting to me.
You can find the article at Time Magazine but be sure to check out Wink.com. It is a meta social network search engine that aggregates your profile from various social networks. Now it certainly has its shortcomings but expect this service to get stronger in the new year. We're all suffering from social networking fatigue and its about time that someone developed a service that made managing our presence (and finding our friends) on different social networks easier. Its best feature - Wink lets me import my profile from Facebook. What more could I want?

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I'm surprised about Wink. I had a profile there for ages (since they went into beta) but deleted it a couple of weeks ago when I determined that I hadn't used or gained value from it in months.

I'm more inclined to use sites that use identity aggregation as a tool, as ClaimID does, rather than another social network in the Wink model. I'm busy enough with my work and using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I don't need to maintain yet another profile.

Shiv Singh Author Profile Page said:

Wink and other social network aggregators have the potential but its left to be seen whether they deliver on the promise. One big risk that the aggregators face is that when we use them, rather than feeling we belong to the networks we feel we belong to nothing at all.

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